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The leather is processed in the home of the LEATHER TREND artisans located in italy made by hand in one of the  leading tanning center in the world for quality and experience. Where all the best Italian brands are located.

Our production agree with all legal regulations and is sensitive to environmental respect.

The Classic Lambskin Leather

The leather worked with lambskin is the most suitable and comfortable for clothing.

It has all the characteristics to give the finished garment softness and a uniform color. This processing          (also called NAPPA) gives the garment shape style by wearing it and adapting to your body makes it unique conforming to your body. We recommend always to choose the right size.

Some Examples:

Aged / Spotted Effect Leather

The naturally worked and aged leather makes the article soft and smooth alsoin different colors with a light / dark effect.

Some Examples:

Oil and Vintage leather

The work called OIL VINTAGE is mainly carried out on lambskin.

The characteristic of this article (OIL VINTAGE) gives a uneven effect of the garment. The nuances and aging processes make this article unique and natural, a product that gives a sporty and youthful look.

Some Examples: