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Leathertrend Di Michelangelo D'arienzo is a company that manufactures craft products such as jackets for both men and women, jackets, furs and various accessories, with leathers produced in the Solofra tannery, one of the most important in the world.

Boasting twenty years of experience in the creation and realization of garments in REAL LEATHER MADE IN ITALY, it combines style, elegance, professionalism, tradition and innovation in all its garments.

The products are made and finished by hand according to the tradition solofrana with very high quality leather and finishing. Each line is designed by the leather trend staff, its designers design and produce garments that are completely unique and personalized.

Leather trend is considered by many customers to be a reliable company and an expression of the ancient tradition of Campania craftsmanship, offering both medium and high-end products, boasting many customers especially in the world ofshow (players, singers, etc.).


Leather trend products are an expression of Italian craftsmanship, they are original and guaranteed to 100 % in fact it is among the first realities to use the innovative system NFC for the identification of the items, to have a real guarantee of AUTHENTICITY of product.

The traceability of the garment is done simply with a smartphone, just bring it close to the label on which the NFC icon is placed and it is possible without the use of any software but with the simple reader enabled, to recognize the authenticity of the product.