I need advice for the size!!

Hi, to be helped in choosing the size first of all we should know the model you wanna buy because the garments have different fits.

Then later you can send us the measures (following the instructions of the size chart HERE) or send us pictures (half-length and faceless for privacy) via email assistenzaonline@leathertrend.it or whatsapp +39 3497967107 So our artisans can verify and advise you the right size.

Note Please: The size chart is purely informative, it is preferred to send a photo or the measurements because the garments never has the same fit.

Would you like a different color not present on the site?

Choose in the color chart you find HERE, and enter the color reference code in the notes of your order. In case that your favorite color it not in the product sheet you can communicate the color you prefer and we will (if possible) made it especially for you.reso

Note Please: This operation could involve a small additional cost. You will be contacted by the company to agree on it. 

Can I place the order and then send you all the information to check the size?

Of course it would be better if you first proceed with the order and then send us all information for the size verification. Which we will modify in your order if needed and always indicating the name or order number.

How does the jacket size change works?

Just communicate to the company that you need a diffrent size, by filling the form and sending us it back at our  email assistenzaonline@leathertrend.it. You must close the box well and do not damage the warranty seal on the garment and agree with the us the day for the collection of the courier that will arrive already with the label to stick on the box. As soon as we receive the garment we will check the integrity of the jacket. After it is approved by us the new garment will be sent to you.

Is the size change always free?

YES but only in ITALY you can change the size for free (if no discount code was used at the ordering) otherwise a minimum cost of € 10.00 must be paid. You can buy the size change HERE

After how long I can I replace the size?

As soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after delivery of the product.

Can I return the product, if I not like it?

Of course the return of the product is required by law. You must communicate to us the reason for the return by filling out the return form. Everything within the 14 days required by law, from receipt of the garment. The return of the product has a cost of € 14.00 (costs related to shipping). As soon as we receive the return and check the integrity of the warranty seal and the product will be credited with the same method of payment that you paid. The return is not possible on a jacket where customizations have been made requested by the customer, but the company is always available to find the best possible solution.

I would like to customize a product, which is not on your site, how can I proceed?

You need to contact the company and explain the type of customization by checking the feasibility and costs. Product returns are not provided for customized products.

If the jacket I like is not available in the color I would like, how can I do it?  

You can choose from the color chart on the site and place the order by communicating the color change, which has no additional cost.

I have problems to place the order, I can not complete the payment.

Please contact our customer service at +39 0825183119 or +39 3497967107 we will help you to solve the problem.

After years a leather jacket bought from us has a tear, how can I fix it?

Our customers come first of all, just send us a picture of the tear and we will evaluate the feasibility of the repair and the minimum costs.

I would like a double inside pocket for my mobile phone, can I request it?

Of course all the small changes being artisan manufacturers and without additional costs.

Are your products guaranteed in real leather ?? And made entirely in Italy?

Our jackets are guaranteed in real Italian leather (mainly lambskin) and are handmade by us as described in the internal label with special NFC (anti-counterfeiting) and QR-CODE system that guarantee the certification of quality and originality.

Can I pay on delivery?

The method of payment on delivery is accepted ONLY IN ITALY and Only in Cash, after the order you will be contacted to confirm and arrange the day of delivery.

I would like the jacket in a color not in our catalog is it possible?

Yes, you can choose a different color from those in the catalog, see the color card HERE then by contacting us we will agree for the supplement and the measures. Customized products cannot be returned.

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