Artisanal Production

Everything starts from the tannery, from the selection of leather, to calcination / depilation: it is the phase in which the chemical destruction of the epidermis, of the subcutaneous adipose layer takes place and in which the regulated hydrolysis of the dermis begins.

To then move on to mechanical operations, they include fleshing, trimming, splitting that means the removal of excess dermis occurs through the fleshing machine.

The tanning phase, consisting of a set of chemical-mechanical operations, has the purpose of making the skin rot-proof and making it resist the attack of numerous chemical substances.

The final stages but those that give more quality and flashiness to a leather are: the polishing and ironing phase or through special machines it gives shine and removes any creases due to mechanical process operations.

The final phase is also the most important. The selection of leathers in fact only the first choice and high quality ones will be selected to become Leathertrend garments.

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