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How do i choose the right size?
The site is equipped with a system that guides the customer in choosing the size of any product. By entering age, gender, weight and height, after a few seconds it will recommend you the ideal size. If you need further assistance, you can ask for advice on the size indicating the model of the jacket and your measurements (to take them follow the instructions in the size chart that you find inside the card of each item) or send us photos (half bust without face, to protect your privacy) via email at assistenzaonline@leathertrend.it or on whatsapp at +393497967107 and our artisans will advise you on the most suitable size. Please Note: The size chart is purely indicative as not all garments have the same fit. Therefore if you are undecided about the choice, send us a picture or your measurements. Can I send you all the information for checking the size after placing the order? Of course we always advise our customers to place the order first and only then to send us the information to check the size (indicating your name or order number in the email or whatsApp message). If necessary we will modify the order with the right size.
How does the size change work?
It is possible to change only for a different size or a different color of the same item (if available) or the model change if authorized by the company. If you want to request a size change, fill in and send us the size change form via email at assistenzaonline@leathertrend.it. We will send you the return instructions and arrange the courier to pick up your garment at your address. All you have to do is insert the garment in the original box without tampering with the guarantee seal, close the package well and apply the shipping label that we will send you. As soon as we receive the jacket and check its integrity, we will send the new garment.
Is the size change always free?
For customers who have not benefited from discounts, the first size change is free. For all others, however it has a cost of € 10 including VAT (payment methods listed on the site).
I want a color that is not on the site. Is it possible to request this type of customization?
Identify the color in leather or suede color chart and enter the color code in the notes of your order. If your favorite color is not present in our proposal, you can tell us and we will make it for you. Please note: This operation may involve additional costs. You will be contacted by our company to arrange them.
How long does it take to request a size change?
If you need a size change, contact us as soon as possible. You can make the request no later than 3 days from the delivery of the product.
Can I return the product if it is not to my liking?
Of course the return is required by law. If you want to make a return you can start the procedure within 14 days of receiving the item. We inform you that the return has a cost of € 14.00 (costs related to shipments) and you can request it both online and by filling out the return form. Returns online To request the return online, the customer must proceed as follows: 1. Access the "Order History" section of your account. 2. Select the order from which you want to return an item by clicking on "Details". 3. Select the product (s) you wish to return by ticking the box next to the name of the product (s). 4. Add the quantity to be returned (in case you need to return more than one product). 5. (optional) In the section "Return goods", please add an explanation, so that the Leather Trend team can better understand why the customer wants to return the product. 6. Click on "Request a return". Return form You can also choose to use the return form and sent by post to the following address: LEATHER TREND Di M. D'Arienzo, corporate office Via Cioppo San Vito 54 - 83029 Solofra (AV) or by sending us an email to orders@leathertrend.it To receive the refund you must return the products in compliance with the conditions indicated on the website (https://www.leathertrend.it/it/sartoria-italiana/9-resi-e-rimborsi), by shipment of the package via the courier indicated by LEATHER TREND or another courier of your choice. As soon as we receive the returned goods, we will check the integrity of the guarantee seal and the product itself and we will refund you within 7 working days with the same payment method you used to place your order. Please note: It is not possible to make a return for customized jackets as requested by the customer, but we are always available to find the best solution for both.
I would like to ask for the creation of a product that is not present on your site. How can I proceed?
Contact us and explain the type of customization you would like. We will check the feasibility and costs. Please Note: It is not possible to request a return for customized products.
I am unable to place the order as I am unable to complete the payment.What should I do?
Contact us at the numbers +39 08251831192 or +39 3497967107 and our Customer Care will help you solve the problem.
A leather jacket which I bought from you many years ago, has been torn. How can I fix it?
Our customers come first. Send us a picture of the tear, we will evaluate the feasibility of the repair and ask you for the minimum costs for the repair.
I would like a double internal pocket for my mobile phone, can I request it?
Of course, our artisan tailoring these small changes without charging additional costs.
Are your jackets made of genuine leather? Are they entirely produced in Italy?
Our jackets are always in genuine Italian leather (mainly lamb) and are handmade as described in the internal label with a special NFC (anti-counterfeiting) and QR-CODE system, which guarantees the quality and originality of each product.
Can I pay on delivery?
The payment method on delivery is accepted by our systems. After completing your order, we will contact you to arrange delivery. We inform you that the courier may also be equipped with a POS, but this service is not always available as it is at the discretion of the shipper.
Your Customer Care is offline and your offices are closed. How can I contact you?
When our chat is offline and our shops are closed, you can leave us your email and a telephone contact using our chat or by sending us an email to: assistenzaonline@leathertrend.it or a message on whatsApp at: +39 3497967107. Our operator will contact you as soon as possible, to give you all the support you need.
Are there any order limits for cash on delivery?
Cash on delivery has an additional cost of € 7,00 and is only available in Italy and for orders up to € 249,00. For larger amounts you will have to use other payment methods, as the courier is not authorized to accept cash for an amount exceeding € 249,00.
What is "light lining"?
Lightweight lining is usually made of cotton or polyester saglia. It is used to line a spring garment.
What is "60g quilt"?
The 60g quilting is a material called "Valtherm" with a thickness of 6mm soft, ideal for a temperature around 20°, ideal in an autumn period. It is not recommended to increase the size you usually use.
What is "150g quilt"?
Quilt 150g is used for quilts optimal for winter periods even at a temperature close to 0°. The thickness is 1.5cm soft. For this type of filling, it is advisable to buy one size larger than your usual size.
What is Valtherm?
Valtherm is a special padding also used for Snow clothing, which performs the function of a THERMAL INSULATOR based on a principle of physics that explains that air is one of the best insulators.
How does this principle work?
Nothing simpler, just think of double glazing, which with the same principle blocks the flows of cold air from the outside, keeping the heat inside our homes. The same principle is used for Valtherm, which, thanks to its Honeycomb structure, uses the microspaces created by the thousands of small "cells" that make it up to form an "air chamber" inside. In addition to providing warmth, Valtherm is also BREATHABLE, in fact its structure allows water vapor and sweat to escape. Thanks to its meticulous manufacture, it is a remarkably light and soft material that, thanks to a special treatment, has a reduced thickness, specially designed not to give up the style and design of clothing, without compromising the high degree of protection from the cold.

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