How Solofra (Avellino) leather jackets are made

From the selection of the best leathers to the creation of Solofra leather jackets

In Solofra, leather processing is a cult. A skill that has been handed down from generation to generation, starting from the 6th century AD. An art that has always fascinated the great fashion houses and which once conquered even Michael Jackson.

In the heart of Campania, among the green hills of Irpinia, lies an artisanal treasure that has conquered the world of fashion with its centuries-old mastery: the tanning district of Solofra. Among ancient traditions dating back to the 6th century AD. and a deep respect for the environment, the renowned Solofra (Avellino) leather jackets are born, which embody timeless elegance and uncompromising durability.

These jackets are not simple items of clothing, but the testimony of a centuries-long history, handed down from generation to generation, which has made Solofra a point of reference in the world of tanning and in the fashion system in general. What makes Solofra leather jackets special?

First, the manufacturing process. In the district, the hides are handcrafted by expert craftsmen who know every secret of the trade. But there's more, the leathers are tanned by adopting ecological tanning practices and cutting-edge technologies to reduce the impact on the environment.

From the use of vegetable or metal-free substances for tanning to the recycling of water used in production processes, Solofra is committed to preserving its territory and the natural resources that surround it. From the tanning of the leather we arrive at the creation of the iconic Solofra leather jacket which also won over Micheal Jackson. The iconic leather jacket worn by the artist in the Thriller video clip was, in fact, made right in the tanning city. Like him, many other artists and big names have brought Made in Italy excellence to the world by showing off Solofra studs and leather jackets.

This is why Leather Trend chooses this leather every day for its jackets, the same one used by the most famous stylists and big names: that of its city. Each jacket is the result of hours of patient work, where perfection is the primary objective. Attention to the environment is also reflected in our company organization, Leather Trend only creates jackets that have actually been sold in order to avoid any possible waste. Our biker jackets and leather jackets are ethically produced, so consumers can wear them knowing they're supporting a company that's committed to a more sustainable future for all. Finally, there is the human element. Every stitch, every detail is executed with care and skill, creating unique masterpieces that stand the test of time.

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