Clementino wears Leather Trend in his Solofra concert and in the next stages of the tour

The Iena White perfecto made by our craftsmen

To pay homage to the well-known Neapolitan rapper Clementino, the master craftsmen of Leather Trend have created a genuine leather biker jacket, with a scratched effect, personalized with the artist's pseudonym, Iena White.

On the occasion of the Clementino concert in Piazza Mercato in Solofra on July 10th, Leather Trend has decided to pay homage to the well-known Neapolitan rapper with a very special leather jacket. In fact, our designers have created a genuine scratched-effect leather jacket exclusively for the artist, with the Iena White logo printed on the back.

The print created by < strong>Mc2 special processing on leather represents a white hyena or Clementino's alter ego. The artist is particularly attached to this animal as the strength with which he defeats his opponents recalls the tenacity with which he competed with other rappers during freestyles.

It was an honor, as well as a pleasure, making a jacket for an artist like Clementino with leather from our Solofra District. Three participations in the Sanremo Festival, one in Beijing Express paired with his brother Paolo Maccaro in the "i Fratelli" team, several call-ups to the Italian national singers team as well as two editions as coach of The Voice Senior, broadcast in prime time on Rai 1, they made Clementino a real idol. His talents as a rapper as well as irony and spontaneity have, in fact, allowed him to conquer the general public by proposing himself as a one man show. </ P>

The artist who received the Iena White nail from the founder of Leather Trend, Michelangelo D'Arienzo, wore the coat during the concert and revealed to his enthusiastic audience that they will be happy to have "Solofra on him" also during the next stages of his tour. Clementino, therefore, will bring a piece of our craftsmanship and quality around Italy, helping to spread the artisan culture of genuine leather made in Italy.

If you too, like Clementino, wish to wear a real leather nail made by hand in our tailor's shop in Solofra, visit our online shop. There, discover all the items in the new Chiodo collection: anytime, anywhere, perfect to be used anytime, anywhere, whatever your style. Finally, we remind you that shipping in Italy and size changes are always free for all purchases.

Update 03/11/2023:

Clementino not only kept his promise to wear the Clementino leather jacket during the stages of his concert, but also showed it off at the presentation of the docufilm "Can I enter?" at the Festival di Roma. Read the article >>> Clementino wears the Leather Trend jacket at the Film Festival

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